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Rochester. . . In anticipation of the annual inter-glacial thaw, the Rochester Grangers Vintage Base Ball Club has lately posted a schedule of training exercises. Led by bumptious drillmaster Patrick “Barnraiser” McKay, the barehanded practitioners stand poised to reawaken muscles grown dormant from their winter of discontent.

Owing to the restoration of the Calf Barn at Van Hoosen Farm, the adjacent exercise grounds have been quarantined for the time being to accommodate the ongoing thaumaturgy next door. In the meantime, veteran ballists Bob “Roadblock” Grace and Scott “Chooch” Westgate have undertaken a training regimen of their own at the Hills Grille and Antoniou’s, where parlors have been reserved for their weekly rules symposium. The primordial sound of hickory colliding with horsehide commences Saturday, May 18th, when the Lumber City Club of Flint comes a-calling for an afternoon pair of matches at the Rochester Museum. A week hence, Rochester’s political leaders have been summoned for an exhibition at Halbach Field for their traditional Heritage Days tutorial. A complete schedule of home matches follows and may be found at the Grangers website www.rochestergrangers.org.

Sat May 25 1:00 vs. Rochester Politicos
Sat June 8 1:00 vs. Royal Oak Wahoos
Sat June 15 6:00 vs. Bay City (twilight)
Sat June 21 Granger Cup at Stoney Creek Metropark
Sat Aug 3 1:00 vs. Mt. Clemens Regulars
Sat Aug 24 1:00 vs. La De Dahs

Plans this season include the first ever Granger Day Camp for youngsters ages 5-12, tentatively set for Thursday, June 27, at the Museum. The Camp will run from 6-9 p.m. and includes 1860′s playing tips for the budding ballists, participation in a game and dinner with the Grangers. The cost per family will be ten dollars, with registration details to follow. A twilight affair on June 15 has been scheduled against the Bay City Independents, which includes complimentary hot dogs and apple pie for the cranks. Also in the offing is the inaugural Granger Cup Tournament on June 22 at Stoney Creek Metropark, where several clubs will aim to emboss their names on the coveted Milk Cannister.

The Grangers are looking for a few good men to join them this season; enthusiasts who demonstrate the fundamentals of the game and an unabashed love for base ball are encouraged to peruse the Granger website for an application. As always, townsfolk are invited to support the gentlemen’s game as it was meant to be played, for fresh air and exercise according to rules and social customs of 1864.