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The Rochester Grangers laid aside their farm implements and afternoon chores to lately entertain the Bay City Independents in an exhibition of vintage base ball. On a day whose length anticipated arrival of the summer solstice, a sizeable throng was on hand to enjoy the rare evening conflagration at Van Hoosen Farm.

Heeding the call of their flammable fieldmarshal Patrick “Barnraiser” McKay, the suspendered stalwarts showed their ginger from the outset, displaying both their flair with the sculpted cudgel and knack for interpolation of the spheroid. Centrefielder Keith “Death to Flying Things” Walters, so christened by the Bay City Captain for his surehanded manner, did justice to the aptly descriptive moniker in preserving an early Granger lead.

The men who don the red and black embellished their advantage in the fifth on the strength of precision clouts by Steve “Steam Engine” Sebert and Pat “Tumbleweed” Mayotte. Stirred but not shaken, the Bay City juggernaut mounted their own pertinacious response in the sixth, tallying a half dozen aces to even the ledger at six aces apiece.

The arrival of an evening acquifier failed to dampen the cranks’ enthusiasm for the neck-and-neck affair, as bumbershoots and blankets were deployed in lieu of more hermetically sealed shelter. Summoning their collective effluvium for a final surge, the Rochester batsmen fomented a rally in the eighth inning which culminated in a bases-clearing bombination by Granger veteran Craig “Slappy” Prasatek. The mortar shot into the right field kudzu appeared to vanish into the gloaming, taking with it the plucky visitors’ chances for victory. With daylight turning to dusk, the Grangers were able to snuff out a final Bay City threat, leaving the hometown favorites on the upward side of a twelve aces to seven accounting.

Eschewing all obstreperous or mendacious conduct, the ballists took their bows. To honor the career of original Granger member Bob “Roadblock” Grace, whose impending retirement was hastened by a ravaged loin suffered late in the contest, a poem was offered by this reporter. With nightfall enveloping the grounds, all agreed it had been a blissful summer’s day at the Farm, where a fledgling group of enthusiasts gathered once again to advance the Nation’s newest pastime.