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Grangers Resume Base Ball Exercises

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In anticipation of the long awaited inter-glacial thaw, a schedule of training maneuvers for the Rochester Grangers Vintage Base Ball Club has lately been posted. Under the tutelage of Patrick “Barnraiser” McKay, the intrepid ballists hope to shake off the torpor occasioned by a long winter of discontent. In an effort this season to bolster a lineup amply punctuated by quinquagenarians, the Procrustean Potentate has announced open tryouts for those candidates with a keen batting eye and a flexible planting schedule.

The season’s itinerary commences with a May 25 sojourn to Coldwater, Michigan, where the Grangers will defend possession of the coveted Coldwater Cup. The home slate at Van Hoosen Farm will feature a formidable visiting sextet:

June 6­              Flint Lumber City BBC

June 11            Port Huron Welkins

July 19             Wyandotte Stars

August 1         Bay City Independents

August 23       Sylvania Black Swamp Frogs

August 30       Greenfield Village Lah-De-Dahs

For spectators with a nyctalopian bent, the June 11 match will showcase a seven o’clock twilight contest to take full advantage of the approaching summer solstice. As is their custom, the Grangers will offer postprandial refreshments at most home events, as well as the chance for youngsters to hit and run the bases. In addition to the Coldwater conflagration, road matches include a return appearance at the Greenfield Village World Tournament of Base Ball, along with a junket to the Ohio Cup tournament in Columbus, Ohio.