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Grangers Tally a Hit in Season Opener

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After a long winter of discontent vintage base ball has returned to center stage at Van Hoosen Farm. Assuming the role of live-action museum pieces themselves, the Rochester Grangers and Royal Oak Wahoos recently had occasion to demonstrate the nations’ newest pastime according to prevailing nineteenth century rules and sensibilities.

On an unseasonably chilly afternoon the Grangers took the field in their traditional black and ivory zibeline, an iconic look long regarded as the acme of vintage sartorial splendor. Keen to complete his game day rounds at the Farm’s adjacent milking stall, flinty firebrand Patrick “Barnbraiser” McKay was confident in pronouncing both cows and players fit for duty, taking care to inspect the condition of each in equal measure. On hand to greet the suspendered stalwarts were a hardy conglomerate of cranks, including youngsters Maxim Olijnyk and Chase “Bear” Walters, the latter who came to cheer on his father from his mobile seat of repose.

After a sluggish start in which Grangers bats appeared to be encased in ice exhumed from a previous inter-glacial epoch, the hometowners came to life. Long hits by Dave “Nails” Mallmann, Don “Scrap Iron” Kowalski and the Brothers Prasatek plated a sextet of aces in the fourth inning, opening the calf-barn door to a hickory salvo seldom seen at the stony-walled confines. Meanwhile Granger hurler Pat “Tumbleweed” Mayette kept the visitors off balance, at one point nabbing a surprised Wahoo baserunner who had wandered a bit too far from first sack. Notwithstanding the unbalanced ledger on the tallykeeper’s board, both nines were commended for the fine ginger and gentlemanly comportment displayed throughout the match.

With their ballistic exercises completed, the Rochesters then saluted their guests with song and sustenance, hosting a postprandial calf-barn soiree that included a scrumptious smorgasbord of mutton, mustard greens and pulpatoon. As daylight waned and the participants slowly made their way to their homesteads, the townsfolk savored the advent of spring and the return of base ball.

Douglas ‘Moonlight” Otlewski contributed this Granger up date in the writing style used in the late 1800s. As always, we thank our sponsor, Chadd’s Pizza. The Grangers invite the public to attend their next match at Van Hoosen Farm on June 19 at 1:00 p.m., against the Lumber City Club of Flint. For further information on the entire schedule please call the Museum at (248) 656-4663 or circumnavigate the new-fangled web at www.rochestergrangers.org.