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Ninth Annual Granger Golf Outing A Success!

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Grangers at 2015 Ohio Cup

Grangers at 2015 Ohio Cup

Ray Township, Michigan . . .After being held hostage for two years in a lead lined hermetically sealed storage vault at the well-defended Straub Compound, the Rochester Grangers coveted Chili Open Golf Trophy was liberated this Sunday past. Riding the hot hand of newly christened Don “En Fuego” Kowalski, Team Moonlight interrupted the reign of Team Six-Shooter with a seven under par, three shot victory at scenic Wolcott Mills Golf and Country Club.

Claiming second place (with too many Johnsons to name) was Team Cueball at four under par. Third place went to Team Six-Shooter, with the General and his minions finishing fourth.

High stakes parimutuel betting was rumored to have taken place, but on the advice of counsel could not be confirmed by the participants.

Proving he could do more than hit line drives at the stony-walled confines, winning Co-Captain “Frenchy LaFrance” delivered a sterling acceptance speech and celebrated his impending German deportation by jumping in the pond adjacent to the eighteenth hole.

Congratulations are in order to all sixteen players who attended on another perfect fall day, as well as to Steve “Steam Engine” Sebert who arranged the venue but stayed home to trim his bushes.   The newly remodeled trophy, which most players in the field have never seen, will now be on display at the Museum.

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